How Do I Create 1 article with multiple keywords as Titles?

I want to create 1 article that has multiple related keywords as titles, how do I do that?

Also is there setting to set the target article size for word count?

Scraped article or AI article?

If you just want random subheadings you can use the insert sub-headings feature.

If it is AI, you can use the generate article from outline template.

You can’t target words, only choose number of paragraphs or in case or AI, each prompt you use can get you around 400 words maximum

Where do I find the generate article from outline setting? Will this give me the option to have the main keyword as an H1 and the other keywords as H2/H3s?

I saw in an old video that I could use the pipe | to add multiple keywords in 1 article but that doesn’t seem to be still working for me.

This will use an auto generated AI outline

| add subkeywords, which is mainly used only to scrape more content.

I’m assuming you are using AI generation?

Yes I’m using AI generation.

Since you didn’t answer my question directly about using the pipeline in the keywords I’m assuming that the old video is just out of date?

I answered.

The pipe ‘|’ is just to add sub-keywords, which is mainly used only to scrape more content.

If you using the AI writer it will be of limited use.

Here are some ways to get sub headings related to keyword

  1. Create prompts that generate AI sub headings that you use in your article
    eg : Use AI writer to create sub headings, then use those sub headings to write content

  2. Use article variables to pass it extra keywords as sub headings

  3. Use AI outline template to generate long article with sub headings etc

  4. Use scraped subheadings inside your AI generated article

Let me know which one sounds interesting to you and I can elaborate more.

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