Use AI writer to create sub headings, then use those sub headings to write content

  1. The problem
    Not possible to re-use ai generated content in a prompt (except for %title% macro)

We want to use the current article keyword to generate heading or subheading and t then use the headings to create related content.

Introducing AI Writer variables

You can create unlimited variables which can then be used in your article prompt to create more dynamic content.


How to create an AI article with a title and sub headings and have AI write content for each sub heading.

Create variables you need

TITLE1=[write a title about %keyword%]
SUB1=[create a sub heading introduction to %keyword% don’t use " and ! punctuation symbols]
SUB2=[create a sub heading %keyword% don’t use " and ! punctuation symbols]

  • Each line is its own variable
  • Each line starts with the variable name eg TITLE, SUB1 etc
  • After the variable name, use = to mark the end of the variable name
  • Create the prompt by including it inside [ai prompt] brackets

How use AI variables inside the article prompt

Variables can be used by %variable%, ie using the %% symbols.

See the following examples on creating an article

Code is:


[write a paragraph about %sub1%]
[create a html table about %sub1% only return the table code dont explain yourself]

[write a paragraph about %sub2%]
[create a bullet point list about %sub2%]

Missing AI variables?


Each time a variable is correctly detected, you can see its name inside the task log.

Sample output



Without using variables this setup would not be possible.