User Macros

What are user macros

Similar to AI macros, %user macro% appear with %%

Create your own macros for use inside AI prompts


Macros allow you to use the same output multiple times

This can be used to chain prompts



  • 2 user macros %sub1% and %sub2%
  • %sub1% is used twice, 1 - h2 heading 2 - prompt to ai writer

Without user macros not possible to use output of AI in another prompt

How to create user macros

Macros follow this specific pattern

%macroname% = [prompt]
%macroname% = hello name

Macros need 3 parts

  1. Macro name with %%
  2. equals =
  3. value of macro, either an [AI prompt] or just text

If done correctly macro code will appear as unused.


Click on a macro to add it to the prompt text box


Why use user macros

User macros allow you to send the output of an AI prompt into another AI prompt

User macros allow you to chain prompts together

Chaining prompts allows you to create more complex AI articles

Some complex AI articles may not be possible using one large prompt

Chain prompts are understood better by AI writers leading to higher quality articles