How to connect SCM to LM Studio (llama3 etc) to run offline AI models for FREE

1. Install LM Studio on your computer


Find and install a model eg Llama3
What model you can runs depends on your PC ram and graphics card

Running large models on your CPU can be quite slow so enable GPU Offload if possible
You need graphics card like NVIDIA that has CUDA support

2. Load modal and start API server

Load modal

Start API server

3. Fill out API details inside SCM

Select OpenAI Alt 1 or 2
Fill out Url and Model name

To find url and model
Inside LM studio, as highlighted below

4. Test

Use the AI chat box to send a quick prompt test

Check LM Studio, the server log will also show the request and reply

5. Use free AI model anywhere in SCM as usual

Setup complete!


Thanks for sharing this. But the video seems to be private.

Set to public

Thanks for the heads up

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Hopefully youtube algo can help people discover SCM!

Invest in hardware for long term benefit, local AI and homelab is the future.

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Hey Tim, this is a great feature. Hope you send use emails for each feature updates. Love that.

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Just for ref:

I have RTX 4090 and inference speeds are lightning fast.
On just an AMD 5800x3d CPU inference speed was very slow, around 1-2 words a second.

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Desperately want hardware to run 70b q8 model fast.

anything rtx theoretically should be better than cpu.

The other is ram requirements.

Need more than 32gb ram, and to run in dual channel means going to 64gb.

Yeah, mobo first with dual GPU and 4 ram slot, should give great foundation for 5-10 years.

@scm_Tim what is the speed of 4090?

From LM Studio
About 30 tokens a second

For fun mainly CPU AMD 5800x3d with low GPU usage
0.5 tokens a second

Basically without a GPU a large 70B model wasn’t usable

And What Processor you are using with it?

CPU AMD 5800x3d

For anyone that can’t run models on their PC,
Groq AI is a free online alternative.

How to signup to Groq AI for free unlimited llama3 70B (GPT4 competitor) calls