How to signup to Groq AI for free unlimited llama3 70B (GPT4 competitor) calls

As an alternative to running LLMs on your desktop you can signup to Groq AI for free calls.

If you don’t have a beefy PC + GPU combo, Groq AI is what you what to run llama3 70B.


  • Right now it is free for everyone, no billing details even required.
  • Groq AI inference times are even quicker than GPT4
  • Access to llama3 70B (the largest model)
  • Recent info, knowledge cutoff date is Dec 2022 for 70B and March 2023 for 8B vs SCM AI Jan 2022


  • Low rate limits. You wont be able to run more than 1 AI thread
  • Rate limit wait times can be long. SCM is able to wait between calls to maximize throughput though

Get Groq

Create a free account


Get your API key

Click the create api key button

Paste key into SCM

API logins
Select default ai = groq ai
Paste in API key


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