Dynamic scraper export to CSV

Ability to pick and choose items from a web page

Export it to CSV

Currently there is no quick and easy way to export to CSV

Selecting repeating items from a table or div is also not possible as you can’t align each column output just using macros.

Adding new feature enhancements to making working with repeating data possible inside the dynamic scraper.

New features being added…

Preview contents of all selected items

There is preview button for each item row

It opens a window to display all selected items in full detail

Add selected elements directly from picker window

You can now add selected elements from the picker ‘Add’ button.

You don’t have to scroll down and use the old ‘Add item’ button that use to appear outside the browser.

Duplicate selectors

You can quickly and easily with 1 click duplicate a selector

Parent selector to match row count of repeating items

The problem with selecting data from repeating items is that if the data is missing, the final selection count doesn’t match.

This means we can’t build a proper table of results.

eg: In Yelp there are 10 results per page

If you select star rating: only 8 results on the page, this is because 2 results don’t have ratings

This causes 2 rows of missing data.

The mismatch in the row count means we can’t create a table of results because we don’t know which rows are missing data.


Specify a parent element first

Parent element forces a result even if empty.

Now if there is now star rating it returns empty but keeps row count at 10

Yelp results 3, 6, 8 and 9 are missing stars!

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Thank you for this detailed guide. How cna we get phone and email information inside each listing?

Only what is listed on the page, to get extra details would require another task.

Let me finish off this feature and get to the part about finding phones.

Newest update has these above features included, CSV export is WIP


Lots of bug fixes.

Re-organized the macro list by making it smaller and removing some un needed buttons.

The goal was to fit all macro details on one line

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A testable build has just been released.

Below I attach a sample project with YELP and exporting to CSV

Yelp.zip (1.3 KB)

Still some more testing and features need to be tweaked, but it does work!

Is it possible to screenshot specific element (div) and add margin before the screenshot process?


App uses electronjs.

Technically it can only screenshot specific rectangle on screen (which might be possible to correlate with height x width of an element)

Right now it screen caps the entire web page

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New update for the Dynamic Scraper.

When selecting CSV output, you get a table preview of the rows and columns.

Coming soon… Google sheets export