How to export Dynamic scraper data to Google Sheets

You can export data scraped from the Dynamic scraper into a Google sheet.

Create new Dynamic scraper task

Pick elements to scrape

Yelp example:

Export > Google sheet

Under export, click Google sheet

Click on spreadsheet drop down to select sheet

You may need to sign into Google to allow access to sheets

Click Sign in
SCM will open Google sign in, in browser window
Choose Google account

You might see a Google app verification error
SCM App is currently under app verification from Google * 5/28/2024 *
Click Advanced

Click ‘Go to SEO Content Machine’


Click continue

Click Select all
SCM needs Google drive and Google sheets access
Click Continue

SCM App will start to pulse in your task bar
Activate SCM App


Click on spreadsheet dropdown
Select spreadsheet


Select a sheet


You can clear sheet of data before each run


If you de-select this option, SCM will keep adding new rows to your sheet

Run task




Open sheet to see new data

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