Custom WordPress category selection


What am I missing about the category selection on the WordPress uploader? The tutorial video kind of glosses over it. They upload fine, but all to the main category. I want to publish them in batches into different categories.



Just like the Title detection, you need to have the category information placed somewhere in the article inside a <category> tag

The default title is <h1> and the category is <category>

The easiest way to do this is to insert the tag at creation time if you are using the article creator.

Its possible to make so that categories are set at import time too

I can an insert category box inside the dropdown if needed.


So when you click on category drop down you can input your own categories

That would be awesome and remove a step in the process if possible.

Custom categories added:

The category dropdown comes with a handy dandy textbox to enter your own csv categories

Just type in the box what categories you want assigned.

Each category is separated by a comma

You can randomize categories by using spintax

Write up:

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You’re a magician Tim ;-0

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I’ve added this:


When creating new articles you can now set categories before had and it will bring them in for you when you create the post uploader task