Youtube Videos - Google Scraping Tool, etc

I’m struglgling to use this software as the Youtube videos are aimed at people with higher technical knowledge.

Is it possible to make some for people new to it and explain in more detail how the tools work? I was particularly looking forward using the Google Maps scraping too, but cant get the output into a spreadsheet. The video ends before it shows you how to do it.

It’s a shame not to use it and more would be sold with better video support.


It only outputs to CSV

Google spreadsheets is coming soon!

The feature is done but I am testing the app.

If you don’t mind getting in early, I can send you a pre release version

Yes please.

I’m struggling with just having a mass of data at the end. I was hoping it would all be in rows and columns.

Also, I’ve just attached a screenshot of a run and it didnt give me the data at all. I simply followed your instruction on Youtube and made no other adjustments.

What am I doing wrong please?

Thanks, David

Can you run the task and attach the task log?

I need to see what the task is doing.

If I took a guess, it might be that google maps isn’t loading?

Click on copy log button

Log area is highlighted below