With Google Maps scraping, the application is very unstable and crashes several times a day with a white screen

1. The problem

First off - thank you for the performance increase with google maps scraping - it goes much faster now with 5 threads open.

However, since that update, SCM is very unstable when scraping Google Maps - it crashes several times a day with a white screen. Nothing in the task log.

I can just resume the batch after restarting SCM but it defeats the purpose of using a VPS for unattended jobs when I have to regularly check if SCM is still running.

This happens on two separate VPS setups, one having 16 CPU cores and 64 GB RAM so does not seem logical that it is because of low resources. The VPS servers are running Windows Server 2019 and 2022 Datacenter

2. Screenshot or task log of the problem

Nothing in the task log as the log resets every time I resume the job

Sounds like a javascript out of memory error.

Let me run the Google maps scraper task with large keyword list to see what is happening.

Do you know roughly how long you are running SCM for before it white screens?

It usually takes a few hours - at least 8 hours, I did not measure exactly how long

Can you export the task that crashes?

I will run it with more threads and see how long it takes.

I can yes, how do I get it to you?

email to me, tim [at] seocontentmachine.com

Are you using Windows 2012?

I would like to upgrade electronjs that SCM uses to take advantage of any fixed bugs in later versions of it.

However, moving onwards to the next version makes all windows 7/8 server 2012 no longer supported and SCM unable to run.

2012 is 12 years old now and VPS should be running newer versions, however backwards compatibility is also important.

2019 and 2022 not 2012

I think I might have a solution for the memory leak

Please update:

Looks good so far, no crashes since the update, will confirm again tomorrow.

Memory usage wasn’t growing like crazy on my test hoping this fixes it.

Might also allow you to change thread count from 5 to custom.

Although google maps does show captchas if you hit it to hard.

OK no crashes since the 2024.4.564 update - thank you for fixing it

Have now also installed 565 but the 5 thread limit is still being used even though I increased the amount of threads in settings - so I assume it is not possible yet to increase the threads beyond 5?

Thread limit still fixed,

I haven’t added it yet

Threading for Google map windows added

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