Unable to write long articles with AI outline

Thank´s for the help, i tried and i did but not 4000 caractheres, where is the place to ask to write long article. Do you have some good template to make a great article for ranking on serps?

That shouldn’t be the case.

Send me export of the task so that I can run it.

pro.zip (3.0 KB)

You didn’t select and load the AI outline template


FYI AI doesn’t respond to instructions like write xxxx characters.
Also AI have max response length. Which for SCM AI, is around 400 words per prompts.

Select AI outline

Must have <outline> tag for it to work

Thank´s for your quick reply. So if i want to write long article, like 1500 or 2000 characters, it´s no way or no change?

The outline will get you up to 8000 words ( or ~32,000 characters)


If you want 2000 characters specifically, you need to just create an article with 3-4 prompts.

I will create a new default prompt for you

Creates around ~1200 words


Just delete the sub sections you don’t want

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