Templates for ai writer

  1. The problem
    Missing save/load templates etc

The AI writer has it.

Add prompt loading and saving.

There is now a template selection drop down box.

Prompts are split into user prompts at the top, and default shipped prompts at the bottom.

Clicking Edit Prompts loads the prompt editor.

Default prompts are locked and can not be edited. The save button is disabled and there is a lock icon next to the template name.


You can add/remove your own prompts with the 2 buttons on the left hand side.


Adding a new prompt adds it to the top of the list.

You edit the prompt name and code on the right hand side.

You can see list of usable macros in the bottom.


%language% is the newest macro to be added, and it uses language selection in the Article Creator. That way the output will match the search engine settings.

Remember that all AI prompts must be placed inside [ my code ] brackets.

Only instructions inside these square brackets are sent to the AI writer.

All your custom prompts are saved to the hard drive as a JSON file.

If you need to backup or move this file, you can do a simple settings > backup or restore.


All AI templates now support using spintax. This allows you to randomize the ai prompt so you don’t get the same looking content generated all the time.

Eg: The prompt below has spintax on bullet points and FAQs, that way not all articles will always contain those sections.