What is spintax?

Its text wrapped in these 3 symbols { | }

Spintax looks like this

{hello|howdy|hiya} world

Its a way of attaching synonyms to words.



We can use spintax to create variations in sentences.

{hello|howdy|hiya} world

  1. hello world
  2. howdy world
  3. hiya world

With just one sentence, we have 3 possible variations

Articles with spintax can be re-used many times and still be unique

How to get spintax articles

Use a spinner / rewriter to get spintax content

Example Article Creator

  1. Keep spintax {|} in articles
  2. Select re-writer
  3. Some re-writers allow you to remove the original text
  4. Unique to AI writer, select how many re-writes to do
  5. Save credits by limiting characters sent for rewriting
  6. Some re-writers allow you to stop some words from being re-written

How to remove spintax

You can select No spintax

How to preview spintax

The article preview tool can both re-write and display spintax

Click ‘update preview’ to get a new variation of the article

Why spintax

Spintax lets you create 1 article that can be re-used many times

Useful in link building programs

1 article can be reposted many times without worry of duplicate content