Specify AI model to use in prompts

Ability to specify ai service and model in prompts.

[openai:gpt-4 write an article]
[google:gemini write an article]

Is this already implemented? In Order to use this, I just have to put in my API keys into settings? And the engine to use I can leave it as scm?

Not yet implemented.

Still need to pick your default ai service.

alright, got it. thanks

This is powerful feature. +1

Will you add also model name if using custom endpoint? So it will override global setting
(default model).

Example [openrouter:modelname write an article]

This would make it more powerful and can be added along

Needs a starting character for easier visual and program detection

[=openai:gpt-4 example prompt]
[$openai:gpt-4 example prompt]
[#openai:gpt-4 example prompt]

Equal ‘=’ or ‘$’ , I think = sign might be good

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$ is closer to the left shift keyboard, for easy typing :sweat_smile:

Btw, in openrouter there’s a metric for choosing temperature, and I tested it and giving more optimized result.

There’s a median so if you want to be precise, set temperature 0,
balance 0.3 - 0.5,
creative 0-7 - 1.

And each model have different settings.

Correction: 80/20 is just temperature.

Is this presence penalty?

Ill add those 2 for all openai api

That is temperature, balance/creative. Just to be safe, just set temperature, and no presence penalty. Correction 80/20 is just temperature, my bad.

Every model, especially mistral model, have more than two optimization.

You can browse each model Models | OpenRouter

The optimal parameters is based on openrouter’s user settings.

Right yeh I noticed temperature is common but presence tends not be be available ala groq

Please have an option to select the LLM model when creating an ai article. Thanks

Added per article creator task AI model over-ride. Not per prompt as of now, but this is the first step.

Please find it in the article creator.

Options are same as those in api logins menu


When running, it logs ‘ai model override’

Using gemini instead of the default app wide model

Same over ride model box can be provided for ai writer, document re-writer etc.

Please request it if you want it other places.