Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well!

I’m new to this community and still learning the ropes. I was wondering if someone could kindly help me out with a video tutorial or some guidance on how to scrape content from Specifically, I’m looking to scrape photos and descriptions from multiple pages within the same category.

My goal is to use this content on my website as part of an affiliate program. I’m a bit lost on where to start and would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you could offer.

Thanks so much for your time and help!

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Thankyou for the post, let me see the site,

Scrape these results right?

Did you play around with it in the dynamic scraper?

yes, but i try to pin the photos and don´t grab.

Are you able to load the picker?

I can’t get it to show up even on the site

nop i can´t load the picker to scrape

Ill try and figure out why

However, the work around is to open the site in Google Chrome etc and use developer mode (F12) picker

I can then add rules manually to select data

Add empty rule button is added in next update

Ill push update now, so that at least you can add rules while I figure out a solution for the picker

Thank you so much, amazing suporte Tim :muscle:

The problem is that this site has some restrictive Content-Security-Policy blocking injection of scripts.

So the picker is unable to load.

Looking to see if I can disable it.

Took some playing around, but I was finally able to over ride the CSP and get the picker to load

Will upload the new patch.

Hopefully I didn’t break something else with the picker change

Thank you so much you are amazing!! :muscle:

You’re welcome,

Its working now?

yeah the picker works perfect, i´m not usual scraper, and i don´t know how i can scrape in bulk one categorie, do you you have some video explain how i do that?

How far did you get?

I can write it up first, then a video comes later.

I can identify all the items I want to extract with the picker, but I don’t know how to select them so that it scraps my data onto the next pages.


OK I’ll focus on paging issue.