Scrape videos from specific YT channel

1. The problem

Can’t search/scrape videos from specific channel

2. Simple solution

YT channel search, sort by latest and popular, limit/pagination, choosing videos to scrape subtitle.

3. Screenshot examples

Examples would be tubeshift channel search

Can I add it to this?

Dropdown for search channel, username etc

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Yes please :grin::pray:
Thank you Tim

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Ill add channel search in next update

There is not such thing as paging though as youtube loads results dynamically

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Nice, can’t wait.

I mean pagination inside SCM, so if I search 100 videos by keyword or all videos from a channel, I can keep the screen result only 10 (10 page), 25, 50 or 100 result (1 page).

But this is just a UI/UX stuff, whatever easier, faster and better to get the job done.

Btw, can we also get the video stats? Like views, likes and comments? Would be awesome to view and sort the result.

Default sorting by latest or is it random? Any suggestion for setting video limit?

This is great stuff, thank you for adding this feature so swiftly.

I used this tool for channel research/finding best videos (likes/view)

For inspiration…

It’s YouTube sorting.

All SCM does is load channel page scroll down and find whatever videos it can.

It uses youtube/@channel url

There might be a url for latest, so I can change it to do that if you want

There is a limit text box in search box area, it uses that to find extra results too

Ah… I see… default sorting by popular is sufficient, using keyword always go for latest I guess.

OK so I’ll leave it as is?

Yes, Tim. Thank you :ok_hand:

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Most welcome my friend!