Scrape more videos from YouTube subtitle tool

Scrape a selectable number of video results.

Currently it’s limited to around 20.

Also allow auto selection of the first available subtitle instead of selecting a language.

Select first subtitle


Select number of videos


love it mate. everything as discussed. and fast as fck

is it possible to scrape and copy url of each youtube video by list of keywords in .txt ?

Right now no,

There is video scraper, but it won’t run from a file. Its one keyword at a time.

Subscraper already has to download video ids, maybe I can have it auto save all video ids it finds in the content cache?

Would that work?

Might be slower because it technically needs to ‘download subs’

Slower is ok. IDs should work! Please do that

Added in next update



Use locate cache to find file



How can I do that?)

I can’t see something same to your screenshots. IS thiss still in at ‘youtube subtitle’ scraper?

Yes correct, when you run it you should see the extra log messages about adding ids to file.

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