SCM doesn't restart on update (MacOS Silicon)

I noticed this with the last update and with the current one as well: clicking the “Update” button creates the backup but doesn’t restart SCM. I always have to manually quit the app and start it again.

For me it would do that, but then when opening SCM again it prompted for the same update over and over until I just manually downloaded the latest update

Might be borked update.

Manual update here

I’ll check the updater code again.

The problem is the restart part doesn’t get called.

In the next update I added toastr that appears with the error when you try to install and restart the app.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of why it doesn’t work

For those with errors, are you on Windows or Mac?

It actually worked for me with today’s update (Mac Silicon).

Thats good news! Hopefully it stays working from now on.

worked for me as well

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