Rewrite scraped options


What does each checkbox means?

After trying to explain it, I decided that the current setup is very confusing.

I have re-worked this feature to be more easy to undertstand.

Rewrite scraped only applies to the scraped article generator

This setting has been moved inside the scraped article section.

You can tell SCM to only re-write scraped content you need inside scraped articles.

Removed from rewriter section

AI, Existing & Article forge no longer rewrites the entire scraped content cache

Anytime you use the above 3 items, the content cache is no longer re-written.

This is different to previous releases where SCM would always spin scraped content even if you just used the AI article generator.

If you do use insert scraped content in your AI article,


If you enable the re-writer this scraped content insert is re-written.

The rewrite scraped checkboxes no longer apply to your AI articles.

Why use the rewrite scraped checkboxes?

Sometimes you don’t want to re-write titles, subheadings and questions to preserve long tail keywords


Only the sentences and answers are re-written.

All other scraped content is kept and your long tail keywords are not re-written.