Price Alert

I need to get allert from an ecommerce regarding price changes and I thought SCM can easily have such feature. When I input the url of interest, SCM takes me to the page. I click on the price and SCM picks the selector for the price. It give me a logic which says if present price >current price alert price has increased and if present price < current price alert price has decreased. The alert could be on windows or email. How about that?

What is the site you are using for price changes?

Ill see if its something I can add easily.

There’s an open source app that specialize in tracking changes, it’s

Might useful for inspiration.

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You can install it on your computer here:

Would be easy to install since it comes in a docker

This would work a lot better than SCM.

SCM was designed to run as a once of scraper, it doesn’t keep track of its output.