Next level AI Chat

This is just a crazy idea, but why not :grimacing:

1. The problem

No function calling in AI Chat.

2. Not-so-Simple solution

AI writer, AI scraper and tools as Function. We can set and run via AI chat, structured like SCM API call.

So AI Chat become an AI SEO Agent. For cherry on top, provide unified API endpoint so we can call it from any platform or anywhere as long as your computer is on.

3. Future use case examples

Access SCM agent from your android/iOS, send a chat to write content, scrape data or research keyword.

Smartphone → AI Chat API → SCM local/cloud computer.

Interesting idea.

Would require training the AI?

I’m not sure how to link AI generate to specific SCM api calls.

My guess is a bunch of training data, train modal to output some JavaScript calls that run SCM api.

Training data would be prompt mixed with js code.

Not sure how big training data needs to be.

For v1, no need, but user can use their fine tuned model(local/cloud) via OAI endpoint, the minimum requirement is they support function calling, robust and reliable.

The big idea for the future is how a user AI personal assistant can communicate, command and use SCM via API, using natural language.

If you don’t mind, I will dm you bunch of videos…

Making a note here:

This might be step 1

Yes, even gpt-3.5 turbo is reliable enough to do function calling, by providing extra metadata (call this function if the user want to do x, y and z) will make it more reliable and accurate.

Additional use case

Add some extra automation on top of the APIs so that we can ask SCM to do something using chat and get some code to run out of it.

Is that what perplexity can do?

No, perplexity is a just a search engine, scraping 20 top related websites then give research/summarization with citations.

Check it out

I will send the video demos later