Issue with Query Unification in Spinner BR

  1. The Problem
    I am facing an issue with the Spinner BR system where the number of queries is exceeding expectations. I performed a scraper on 5 texts, and Spinner BR conducted 151 queries, causing a significant overuse of queries.

  2. Screenshot or Task Log of the Problem

  3. Request
    I would like to request that the queries be unified to avoid this excess, or that an option be added in the system to select whether I want to unify or perform by section. This would help manage the queries better and prevent future issues.

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There is normally a limit of characters you can send per API call.

Can you send a full log of the run so that I can give better advice on how to save on calls.

IMHO, API should not be using calls to meter usage and should be using words or characters instead.

Eg, if you have 5 articles, its not practical to send all 5 articles in one call. Once you get it back you don’t know where 1 articles starts and begins.

log (4.6 KB)

You are spinning scraped content, but I see you are using ai articles.

What version of SCM are you on?

The newest versions should not be spinning the content cache unless you turned on ‘scraped article’ generator.

Your extra usage is from that.

I’m using 2024.2.508, yes I’m using AI in the article creator, but it doesn’t make sense what’s happening, I’m putting it as I did before in the article scraper, and it doesn’t even have all this query, if there’s something you can configure because this is bothering me because the br system has a limit and I write 20 texts and in the br system it goes to 1000 texts

Can you update?

Its fixed in newest versions