Inserting a macro at the beginning and end of an article

  1. The problem
    I can’t insert macro at the beginning or end of the article

  2. Simple solution
    Can you add a function that allows you to add to the beginning of each text selected macro, so that you can add, for example, the appropriate title, or some insertion? The same at the end of a given article?

Are using AI prompts?

Everything in the prompt box is positional

If you want to insert text at START or END of content without using this, you could go Inserts > custom content section.

Ok it works, but it adds not to the beginning of the text but after the first line, isn’t this an error ?

Attach screenshot of your settings.

My settings

Confirmed as bug.

Fixed in next update, please update and check it works.

I updated, created a new project but now it does not add at all. It does not work to add even at the bottom of the article.

You are using the the ‘existing articles’ content insert right?

Fixes was put for scraped content only.

I have rolled out fixes for existing articles generator as well.