I am trying to Upload to WP but i cant find the folder

I am trying to figure out how to upload the blog to WP i am not sure how to connect it. Also if i spin it will it still write it in HTML java script??

You need to create a special Application Password inside WP.

Then you can use username and that password to connect to SCM.

All spin content is resolved by SCM poster before it gets uploaded.

If you tell me the exact spot where you get stuck on, I can provide more specific instructions for you.

I am struggling with it all. If I do the article writer i can’t find where it goes on my files. Then when I try to add it to spin it or upload it to work it keeps saying there is no information available. Where do I find that in the settings? I’ll look for it in wp. Thanks for your help

Can you upload screenshots of error messages?

Application passwords are here