How to scrape Yelp

1. Create Dynamic Scraper

2. Load Yelp

Click picker

Hover over items you want to scrape

3. Find parent

Find the parent selector

Select the element that contains the elements we want to scrape

For yelp the parent class selector = .y-css-1lqhm3w

Visually we can see green box containing the details of one result

Notice also the count of items is 10, matching results per page

Add this selection as ‘%parent%’ so we can keep track of it

4. Add details

Capture the details of each result

Eg: Result name

The class = .y-css-12ly5yx

Click Add

Data count is 12

It should be 10 per page

Copy and paste parent = .y-css-1lqhm3w

Data count is correct at 10

Click Data to verify content

Name the item something meaningful eg %name%

Switch Export to CSV

You can see a preview of CSV table data

Repeat to find rest of items

Why use parent selectors?

Notice how not all results have a rating

If we don’t use parent to contain results it looks like this

Always find the parent element containing the data we want to scrape

This will even work for finding data in tables

The parent selector can be as simple as ‘table’

5. Paging results

Click ‘Add current page’

Current yelp page is added to target list

Disable the picker

Now we can interact with the page

Scroll down to find the ‘Next’ page button

Click on it

Notice the url bar changed

There is now a start=10 in the url

Click next page again

Notice its start=20

We can extrapolate to create list of urls with start=10,20,30,etc


Project (1.4 KB)

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