How To Scrap Product Images and Product Name

Hi Tim,

Can you please help me with this? I tried watching the Tutorial video and reading the threads about dynamic scraper but was not able to resolve it on my own.

I am trying to scrap-produce images and product names in a Gsheet or CSV. This is the URL:

But unable to scrap the images. Is it possible to do something like this in Dynamic Scraper or any other tool in SCM?


Do you want individual images?

You selected screenshot which gives you this:

Just a screenshot of the current page

For images, you should select normally the img tag and use src=data:image

Because its just image src data, you need to then wrap it in your own img tag

If you are ok with hotlinked images you could also use outerHTML

To select product name and image

After clicking around I found the 2 class names that cleanly selected name and image

I also just added next page action, so we can use that to get all products on the site

Project sample (199.5 KB)

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Thank you so much for explaining in detail. I tried to replicate it. To get
Product name (Column 1) and Image in Column 2
but getting this. I added the tag in the filter of the image. But do not get the images displayed in the preview window.

I can’t see the preview window,

What appears instead of image?

I see the image code in the screenshot though

Yes it is showing image code only and not the image in the preview

Can you show me screenshot of the image code?
Also, you need to click on html ‘preview’ if you want to see the image instead of just html code

This is actually what I get. Empty preview window

The html is wrong, its missing the <img tag at the start of it

Download my sample above, it should have working copy that can be previewed in html

Also your next page selector looks wrong, there is ‘5’ as parent

I can add a new ‘image’ action as well if you just want to have image inserted using the data url and preconfig to use image tag.

I downloaded your workflow and tried to understand, it. But what i am looking is and many may need when scraping ecommerce site, I am trying to scrape the product image (instead of image url), product name and price in the same row ideally in a google sheet.

Image in place of image url please if possible as in below scraped data

But i am still not able to make my dynamic scraper work. I will try it again by just following the project you shared. I really appreciate all your help and time. Thank you

Your images are in html source, so they won’t appear in excel or google sheets.
They only appear when viewed in a web page.

Not quite sure how to show images in google sheets, need to research it.

Yes please. thank

If i have the list of image urls, which i got in dynamic scraper, can i scrape/download those images with these urls.

Yes you can use another tool to download the src images.

There is probably a google sheets addon that can do this.

The library I use to add data to google sheets only allows normal text based cell inserts.

Will have to dig deeper to find how to insert images

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No what i mean is not to download the images in gsheet. What i wanted to say was if i can download the image files in a folder by providing urls. With an option to keep the file names sames as their url slugs

There is no tool to do it quickly in SCM yet.

Maybe something like this?

All tools in SCM are used to find images from keyword, not go directly from url to image.

No tool right now where you can paste in a bunch of urls

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Got it. Thanks

If you are using the article output inside Dynamic scraper however, you can have images saved to hard drive