How to restore a database backup

SCM backs up your database in 2 locations.

Auto backup

After each update your database is automatically backed up.

To find this auto backup,

To restore this back up zip


Rolling database backup

A rolling backup is taken everytime you restart the SCM program.

To find it


Your backups are saved as *-backup.db

SCM will keep up to 12 backups.

To restore it

  1. Shutdown SCM App
  2. Rename scm-next.db to scm-next.bak
  3. Rename *-backup.db to scm-next.db

You are just renaming a backup db to replace the main db file.

Recover a db

If your database ever fails to load, its possible to recover tasks from a corrupted database file. (You can even restore deleted tasks this way)

By choosing restore, you will need to select any scm-next.db

SCM will then recover all tasks in that file and restart the App.