How to insert content into Article Forge articles

Automate AF article creation by automatically downloading articles from Article Forge and using the article creator to insert content (images, links etc).

1) Insert your AF API

Go to Other > API Keys. Paste in your API Key

2) Open Article Creator and enable “Article Forge” under content generation types.

Select between 1 - 99 articles to download.

3) Enable content inserts, images etc…

For example if you want to insert images, enable the ‘Insert Images

4) Check task log

Verify the task is correctly downloading your articles.

If you want to insert Article Forge content into the content cache to ‘remix’ content.

You can find the ‘AF downloader’ inside the ‘Customize Content’ tab.

Instead of just using AF articles as is, it will download them and split the content in paragraphs to be remixed by the article generator.

This content can then be inserted even into the AI Writer module!