How to create AI articles with more than 700 words

As far as I know, one prompt can generate around 700 words. I aim to create a longer article of approximately 1500 words. I believe this can be accomplished by running multiple AI prompts. How can I run multiple AI prompts consecutively to write a single article? Is there an online guide available for achieving this?

Add more prompts to increase article count.

eg Copy and pasting same [prompt] 3 times for 3 times more content.


For more sophisticated looking articles you can do this;

Slightly change each prompt to return a different type of content.

The reason why the ai writer won’t give longer articles has to do with the SCM AI model. It only outputs a maximum of 4096 tokens (minus prompt). Which equates about no more than 1000 words maximum.

If you change models you could get larger articles so this is another option!

Use scraped data

You can use scraped content to create more dynamic prompts to give you longer articles.



Answering google PAA is also another great method


Here is a list of all scraped content you can use