How to auto post to Blogger

How to auto post from SCM to Blogger using the Article Creator and the Post Emailer

Although Blogger remote posting API has been removed for quite some time, its possible to do it my emailing our posts.

  1. Enable Blogger post using email
  2. Setup Email Poster to schedule your posts inc SMTP setup

1. Enable Blogger ‘Post using email’

Inside Blogger, click on [Settings]

Scroll down until you find Email settings.

Click on ‘Post using email’ to open settings.

Enable publish email, set secret word etc.

This will create your special email address that will accept posts.


You can now remote post by sending an email to that address.

Blogger setup is complete.

2. Setup Email Poster

Find Email Post

Create new task

You need a SMTP server to send emails.

If you are using Blogger you should have a Google email account with 2-Step Verification enabled and have an App Password.

If you don’t have an App Password, follow the instructions below.


GMAIL SMTP example
SMTP server:
Port: 465
Username/Password: / Google App Password

You can use your own SMTP servers as well (GMAIL has a daily limit).

Select location of articles.


Customize the posting schedule.


Click Select Emails.


Add Blogger email.
Click on Edit/Add Emails

Paste in your blogger email address that you got in step 1.

Click Add.

Cllick Back To Selection

Select new Blogger email (will be orange)

Click confirm.



If all settings have been filled out correctly, you get a live preview of posts waiting to be emailed.

Anything in orange highlight means the post will be emailed immediately on starting the task.

You can’t schedule posts in advanced inside Blogger.

Instead the post email tool will run in the background.

It will check every 15 minutes and send emails when the schedule date and time is met.

Check the task log to see how it works.

You can verify post by opening up your Blogger.