How to add more guide to the Ai beyond keyword

I am trying to craft a concise unique product description for “WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Power Meter”
I tried Ai articles and it wrote weird things. It also included medicals and politics.
I tried AI writer but it was not anywhere near my target.
The above product has some unique features that are not captured in the keywords otherwise the name will be quite long.
It has a voltage leakage detector, it has voice control and many more.
I think the keyword is not enough. The Ai needs more guidance.
Is it possible to fashion the Ais so that they can be given some of the features or important points to look out for when scraping online?

Can you provide screenshot of your settings so that I can try it?

You can also export the task and attach it here.

I did a quick test with AI asking for an outline.

It knows about the following.

I. Introduction
A. Overview of WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Power Meter
B. Benefits of using WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Power Meter

II. Features and Functionality
A. Remote monitoring and control
B. Real-time energy consumption tracking
C. Circuit breaker protection
D. Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
E. Scheduling and automation
F. Data logging and analysis

III. Installation and Setup
A. Compatibility requirements
B. Installation process
C. Mobile app setup

IV. Usage and Applications
A. Home energy management
B. Industrial and commercial applications
C. Remote monitoring and control scenarios

V. Safety and Security
A. Electrical safety features
B. Cybersecurity measures
C. User authentication and access control

VI. Integration and Compatibility
A. Integration with smart home platforms
B. Compatibility with other IoT devices and systems

VII. Troubleshooting and Maintenance
A. Troubleshooting common issues
B. Maintenance and calibration

VIII. Conclusion
A. Summary of benefits and features
B. Comparison with alternative solutions
C. Future potential and market outlook

There are restrictions. I am unable to upload here. I have sent my setting via email.