How scrape image for existing article based on article title?

How can i scrape image for existing article based on article name ? (instead of keyword)

You mean use title to find image?

You can do this using AI writer, however not possible to do this using scraped content generator.

Which one are you using to create content?

i’m using article creator with ‘existing article’.
Yes i want to use the title of existing article to add an image inside the same article.

Right now it only uses the article keyword.


You could use the article title but I am wondering if it can find appropriate looking images.

I assume you are asking because you have a bunch of unrelated articles that need images?

Yes exactly, i have some article who don’t have image, and i’m looking for a way to add it (based on something, but image must be unique between article)

It will require adding new feature for this as the current function is to start with a keyword and then enumerate through files instead of reading each files title and using that as the keyword.

Its is possible though.

Ill convert this to a feature request.

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