Google search with proxies and failing captcha solving

If you are using proxies, you might see the following errors when running captcha breaking.

|11/2/2023, 9:19:26 AM|Warning Google still showing captcha request
|11/2/2023, 9:19:15 AM|Got captcha solution 
|11/2/2023, 9:19:12 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...7
|11/2/2023, 9:18:53 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...6
|11/2/2023, 9:18:34 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...5
|11/2/2023, 9:18:15 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...4
|11/2/2023, 9:17:56 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...3
|11/2/2023, 9:17:37 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...2
|11/2/2023, 9:17:18 AM|Waiting for captcha solution ...1
|11/2/2023, 9:17:17 AM|captcha [Axt93taMAbpVebCsXhUlntxQ4C1QvitGhfJs1L6KAy0=]
|11/2/2023, 9:17:13 AM|Captcha solve attempt #1/4
|11/2/2023, 9:17:11 AM|Trying automatic solve...

Proxies are rotating and captchas are being solved, however with some proxies these captchas are being rejected by Google.

Inside settings menu…


The solution is to try:

  1. Google with proxies ONLY (disable captchas)


  1. Google no proxies and captcha breaking ONLY


  1. Change to BING or DUCKDUCKGO


When will there be integration with Xevil?

No Xevil support at the moment

Hi Tim

What do you think about SERP API as an alternative to Google search live scraping?

I personally use and recommend (cheap, fast & good). There is also DataForSEO API service.

Definitely possible but I haven’t added it because no one was specifically requested it.

It might be cheaper for those who are trying to do really high volume Google search scraping to use a paid external API vs using proxies/captcha solving.

Right now SCM uses a combo of proxies, captcha solves and rotating through different search engines to manage scraping.

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Is it possible to add multiple proxies in the proxies section in the settings, and will it automatically rotate those proxies. Currently, I am using a single proxy.Thanks

Yes just paste each proxy on its own line

Hard to see but I will add a (one per line) indicator


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Thank you for confirming.

Please add this SERP API option as an alternative to live scraping Google search and also for ‘People Also Ask’. It would be an excellent idea to be able to use an API.

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