Google Map scrapper returning empty results

1. The problem

After the latest update (2024.5.595), Google Map scrapper returned empty results CSv when adding the new query via “add from Google Maps”. I am using proxies for scrapping.

2. Screenshot or task log of the problem

I am not sure if this is related to your proxies not loading Google maps properly or not.

Can you include a full copy of the task log
export the task, zip it and then upload on the forum

Yes, I think this is because of the proxy getting captchas or not loading the query. Do you recommend using a residential proxy, currently I use the http4 proxy, which seems to be not working anymore for map scrapping although I am doing 1 scrap a day not a lot of scrapping.

If it’s only one a day, you should turn off the proxies.

The only thing Google maps does is issue captcha requests if you make rapid searches in one minute.

Which is unlikely because the app needs to spend time downloading place results.

For proxies, no recommendations as I just load up a VPS and use extra IP via my own squid proxy install.

There is a post on forum about creating your own squid proxies.

Otherwise they need to be 100% private residential proxies. Not shared ips or rotating ips etc.

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I have sent you a link to the exported task, even with the static residential proxy map scrapper is returning empty file.Thanks

Got it I’ll run task export.

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Thank you for your support

@scm_Tim @Ryan somehow it waits for captcha plus consent when I use map scraper with proxies.
i can see it when i use the Google browser in settings>utilities. I have to enter from all those IPs and solve captcha and accept consent.

Yes you would have to accept consent for each proxy.

But if you share the proxies with me, I can find that consent screen button and auto click it for you.