Can't get selector for X post

I cannot get the selector for X post.
Can someone help me?

  • Profile Name
  • Profile URL
  • Posting date and time
  • Body text
  • Number of comments
  • Number of reposts
  • Likes
  • Views

Let me see if I can get it to work.

Its a bit harder as it needs a login etc

Are you trying to get this page?

Right now SCM needs a patch to allow you to do login via google etc as the window blocks popups by default

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I logged into my X account.
The cookie saving thing in another post is also relevant.

I want to get the posts from the list of search results, so maybe that is not the selector for that image.

Like this?

List of tweets?

I’m finding it hard to get unique selectors, the site isn’t really built to make scraping it easy.

It is still difficult to find selectors.
Do you have any ideas to solve this issue?

I was able to get the post with the following Chrome extension, can you try it?
Maybe there is something that will help you.