Build 2024.6.628 Update!

This version of SCM code base has been ported to a new dev and build engine.

Bugs expected, although I have gone through and tested as much of the App as I could, fixing up old bugs along the way.

========= June 07 2024 =========

  • other: Article creator remove google news insert as it doesn’t work anymore

========= June 06 2024 =========

  • fix: Changed location of ‘update notification’ as it was covered by chat box
  • feat: Article preview, add back word/line count for preview
  • fix: Dynamic scraper, fix ‘detect article’ action causing error

========= June 05 2024 =========

  • feat: Google maps scraper export to google sheet
  • feat: Email notify test send button added
  • feat: Dynamic scraper, csv output will remove blank rows
  • fix: Quora not returning results for keyword question
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