Blank white screen 27/05/24

The problem After installing it on Windows all I get is a blank white screen when opening it up. 2. Screenshot or task log of the problem seo content machine blank screen

Can you redownload it?

Still blank screen, i redownload but still same.

Can you find the SCM-next.db file on your hard drive and send me a copy before deleting it?

Use Windows Explorer file search.

I’m not getting blank screen on my test machines.

You can acess here: 321.58 MB file on MEGA

Wrong file:

I need this one


In this folder

image (9.6 KB)

Tested and loads fine.

Delete all your installers and grab newest one:

Still the same, i deleted all files and i download your and open blank screen

Did you delete all files in the appdata scm folder as well?

yes i did, i don´t know why this happens

Right now I also don’t know why this happens.

Before there was a build that broken SCM and only have white screen, but newest update should have fixed it

On my testing it seems to work.

Do you have another computer or laptop that you can try to install SCM on?

Windows-SSD (C:)
Watch Video

Thanks for video

Can you right click on the setup file and go to details panel?

Is same file version?

Do you have any anti virus or firewall installed?

You are on Windows 11?

yes Windows 11, version 23H2

I found a build error, might be the cause of errors.
Please wait

Try the new update.

still the same, i don´t know maybe if i invite you to jump in my computer you find the reason but i can´t see any specific issue to don´t work seo content machine.

Here is a slightly older build:

Does it work?