Auto login doesn't work

Even though I have auto login checked, I get the login screen every time I start SCM and it never automatically logs in (Apple Silicon). This is of course just a minor bug, but the time this wastes accumulates the more I use SCM… :slight_smile:

It actually takes 5 seconds for it to ‘autologin’

It will always show the login screen.

I will add a timer for it

Oh, you’re right; I never waited that long! The question would be why we need that timer in the first place instead of only showing the login screen if there’s an issue with the login when “auto login” is enabled? For switching accounts, users can always log out from within the application interface under settings.

Its just a way to make sure users still have access to the program on restarting the App.

Its still auto login because you don’t have to click anything, but I understand you want to just boot straight into the program and bypass the screen if not required.

Feature request:

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