Articles from multiple scraping sources

Hi, Do you have a start to finish workflow for writing an article with AI writer and different scraped content?

  1. I just wondered if it is possible to write an article using BYOK AI using the knowledge of combined content from different scraped locations?

For example, I have scraped some content with the same/similar keywords from some different sources, google search results, and youtube subtitles etc and I want to combine all that info and write a comprehensive article using AI, but using the combined knowledge from the scraped content based a subject.

I maybe missing how to connect it all together. I would appreciate some guidance.

  1. It would be amazing if AI could be used to categorise the scraped articles/paragraphs too. Much like “embeddings” of knowledge when training an AI on your own knowledge. This would mean that the paragraphs etc would not only be based on keywords, but also by relevance to the topic.

Is anything like this on your radar for the adding to the tool?

Try the AI Writer tool.

  1. The AI Writer tool uses a mix of scraped and AI content.


  • Scraped content from Google
  • Scraped content from Google PAA
  • Scraped content from provided URL sources

All scraped content can be found inside the sentence and section add buttons.

There will be a list of scraped content shown to you.


All the AI related content is available using the generate button.

You can’t import content youtube subtitle content into the AI Writer.

You can specify additional URLs to scrape though inside the initial settings.

  1. You don’t need AI to organize sentences. SCM already scrapes, sorts and filters out sentences for you and shows them based on relevance to the main keyword.

If you want something relevant to a topic you should use the topic filter.

Thanks. I’ll delve a little further and see how I go. Not sure this will do exactly what I was meaning, but will see how it goes. :sweat_smile:

I think you wanted to collect all scraped content first on your hard drive.

Then use it to write content yes?

Unfortunately, most SCM tools assume it does the scraping first as the user doesn’t have content on hand first.

Which is why you have to redo the task by having handle the scraping so that it can do the filtering and grouping for you.

Hi, Yes, I guess that’s what I was hoping for.

I wanted to create articles based on content from different sources. Some would be from SCM that has already been scraped, plus other content I already have (such as my past articles or transcripts, or scraped youtube transcripts).

I was hoping to use SCM to consolidate all the content together to be able to re-use and repurpose all that knowledge on a topic.

Is this something that might be possible in the future?

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Do you want it re-consolidated inside the AI Writer?

If you are happy to use the Article Creator instead, it already allows you to import your own content.

Inside Article Creator
Custom content
You can import content from folders

SCM will parse each file.
Try to find the article title by assuming its on the first line.
Import the rest of the content as paragraphs.

The content is available to the scraped content generator and it will mix it in with another other scraped content as it makes articles.

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