Article creator versus Ai writer

Article creator and Ai writer are both done by Ai when I click run. What is the difference between the two and their use cases? Seems to me that they are both the same Ai thing.

There are 2 AI writers,

Do you mean the AI Writer tool?

Or do you mean AI Writer when used as "Rewriter’?

If its the first, then you are comparing a bulk writing tool to a single article writing tool.

If its rewriter, then its used to just re-write existing content

I am talking about AI articles and AI writer.

So the AI Writer tool is only used to create one article at a time by picking and choosing topics.

eg: Write 1 well researched article

The Article Creator is for creating content in bulk automatically.

eg: Create 10 AI articles, without any input from user

They both support the use of AI models to auto generate content.

One is entirely hands off, the other one it generates in real time and you can edit the results.