AI Writer Wrote Massive Article and Used Up 1/2 of my Credits

1. The problem - I asked for 20 URLs max and expected about 2,000 words.

2. I stopped the AI Writer after it had consumed 200,000 of my 500,000 credits

  • and was still consuming them, after about 20 minutes. I saw this command line “Spinning sentences (21534 words / 148990 characters) using ‘AI Writer’” and “Total (205 paragraphs) (933 sentences) (1 keywords) (13 titles) (95 subheadings) (0 QnA) (0 news) (0 rss) (1 images) (0 videos)”.

For one keyword it reported 88 URLs and for another 97 URLs - so I am confused why the limit of 20 was not applied.

Where do we control the article size, and why did it digest so many URLs beyond the set 20, and how do we scale all this down so that I don’t consume my 500k credits with 2 articles?

Also, it did produce a small article even though I terminated it. The article looks complete, it is fairly bland, and it has about 600 words. It is structured as a completed very small article. So it seems as if the AI writer went off on its own to process another 21,000+ words and perhaps would have run forever or until it consumed all my credits with no real purpose - in a loop??

Did you update SCM?

If you select ai writer and don’t deselect scrape rewriter check boxes it’s going to rewrite every line of scraped content it finds.

Which is what happened in your task.

In newest version of SCM it shouldn’t do this unless you explicitly also enable scraped article generator as well.

Send me an email, I can refund back your over used credits.


Also discussed here:

88 is found results.

20 max url is the scraped limit, which you can see as the total scraped urls inside the task log.

There is 2 processes being used here

  1. Scraped content
  2. AI article

Rewriter tool is used in those 2 seperate processes.

The rewriter tool being engaged to rewrite your scraped content is causing the usage spike.

Nb. This has been fixed in the newest version of SCM. It will no longer rewrite all scraped content if you just use ai writer with rewriter tool.

Re article length.

With one prompt it will create around 600 words.

You need to add more prompts for more words.

I am currently adding an article ai outline feature so we can all get longer articles.