Add keyword tool to generate question for content answers

  1. The problem
    No keyword scraper

  2. Simple solution
    Scrape google suggest

New keyword finder tool will be added,

It will be used to find questions around your keyword.

You can then create content that answers these questions. (engaging content)


  • Google suggest
  • Reddit
  • People also ask
  • Quora?

Reddit and quora scraping in progress…

Quora is difficult, there is a soft cap on how many times you can search and retrieve results before it stops showing any results.


Aiming for around 400 results per search.

Added some keyword filtering

Its using the same UI as that of URL finder :slight_smile:

How the keyword tool will work

  1. Query Google suggest
  2. Take top 2 suggestions + primary keyword
  3. Query each using reddit etc to build keyword list

Feature complete: