Add groq AI

Groq AI offers Meta’s LLMA 3 70B for free up to 14k request per day. The output is high quality and it is as good as ChatGPT 4.

If you want to use beyond that, it is $0.59 per 1M tokens.


Very good info.

Let me check

Just a quick FYI for anyone looking at models like these:

Groq uses openAI type API interface.

Which means you can use OpenAI ALTs to try the API ahead of its official SCM release.



Right now testing Grok, the rate limits are quite restrictive.

However its now ready for testing


The output does seem on par of GTP3.5, 4

It is much better than Google Gemini.

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Thank you. Here are the current limits:

The limits are a bit low, so you will hit the rate limit very quickly.

So far not possible to up them as they don’t offer it yet.

However the quality and the free usage tier is very nice!

Just had to update SCM because I spelt Groq as Grok.