Add advanced task search when using SCM API

1. The problem

Unable to find different tasks using SCM API without making multiple calls to api using all-projects

Also missing ability to do advanced queries with and or etc

  1. Find() api end point
  2. blog-settings end point
  3. Abort project end point

2. Simple solution

Allow passing in 2 JSON objects to execute search and also restrict what fields come back

Using same features available via a mongo.find() call

Added 2 new api end points

POST /projects/find
GET /project/abort/:id

Check api docs which have been updated
Removed some deprecated calls and renamed one api end point

Also the postman has been updated,

All possible API calls are now listed.

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Added /blog-settings?apikey= end point

Will return username/pwd url of all blogs managed by SCM

This must be called with an apikey, you must set one if it is blank or this call will not work.

For /blog-settings?apikey= end point

it is only get data endpoint, and what about Add, update and delete endpoint?

I can give you the same blog-settings, but if you do a POST it will update the entire object.

To create a new blog, it needs just this:


A random ID like above which you can generate anyway you can.

Would this work?