Process CSV files with AI

1. The problem

I run a WooCommerce website and have exported all my products, along with their descriptions, into a CSV file.

I am looking for a solution that can use AI to rewrite each product description (based on the right prompt) so that they are unique.

The descriptions are in Polish, Czech, and Slovak. Since there are hundreds of descriptions, I need them to be in one CSV/XLS file so I can then upload the new products (descriptions) to another website.

This will come handy :grin: so many use case flexibility…

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Just as a temporary workaround: you can use the plugin “WP Sheets Editor” to export to CSV, then import to Google Sheets, then use the official Claude add-on for Sheets or one of the GPT add-ons to rewrite the descriptions, then export to CSV again and then import everything using the mentioned plugin.

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