How to get website url from Yellow Pages

1. Load Yellow pages

2. Select item

Select the website button, click exactly to just get website button class

If done correctly it shows 11 items.

3. Change selector to outerHtml

Click on data button

Preview content

The url of the website is hidden inside the anchor tag as a redirect

Select just the anchor by editing the selector and adding ‘a’ at the end
Change action to getAttribute href to return url

Now we have urls

4. Clean up output

Use regex filtering to get just the http

Click filter button

Regex replace to remove


Regex applied

If you need help with regex
Here is an online test and example tool

Just add => at the end as this is special SCM code for regex ends, replace with ‘’ or nothing.

5. Adding pages

Add current page to list

To next results, click next inside the browsing window

Notice new url has 2

Add as many urls as pages required

6. Export CSV

Select CSV


Project template

Yellow (1.1 KB)