How to add featured images to your Wordpress posts

The upload wp post tool allows you to set featured images in your posts

It requires a couple of things:

  1. Image in data64 format or src url inside the post
  2. Posting using JSON API only
  3. Enable feature in post uploader tool

Assuming your post has images inside.

You must use JSON API, you must add a blog with user name and a specifically created WP Application Password.

XML RPC posting will not work with featured images.

How to set featured images

Create new WP upload task

Check ‘use featured’

As long as the post has an image you will see a green checkmark in the image column

If there are problems you can hover for hints

eg: Not enabling featured images

eg: No images in post

Set JSON API posting

If you upgraded from an old version of SCM you can disable XML RPC first posting

Settings > task > xml rpc first = 0